About the Help Guy

Hello. My name is Ron B. (aka, The Help Guy). I have worked for many years with various educational groups, non-profits and businesses helping with contact management (member, student, customer), conference registration, abstract submission management, clock hour registration as well as teacher professional development and training. I am a teacher and provide the training and tailored support from a teacher perspective and not that of an IT geek. I speak your language!

Tools and Skills Used

  • I rent my own secure cloud server for hosting sites. All domains have secure site SSL encryption (https://)
  • If asked to register a domain, I do the domain registration via Directnic,
  • I use a set of scripts and tools from Sitelok to build the end user interface for the database.
  • Sitelok is used to build the customized submission forms.
  • Within Sitelok there are a number of plugins for added functionality, including powerful tools from Amazon SES, Paypal, Facebook, etc.
  • Sitelok allows importing of multiple contacts via spreadsheet
  • For site creation and design I use Rapidweaver. Sitelok syncs well with Rapidweaver.
  • I write PHP customized code along with MySQL query code allowing for certain information from the database to appear on the page.
  • I integrate online invoicing and payments through Paypal and Square.
  • Team content collaboration is done via Total CMS, a plugin of Rapidweaver.
  • User friendly admin controls via Sitelok
  • Optimized for mobile devices via Rapidweaver modern themes.
  • Personalized training and support from the perspective of a teacher with 30 years of experience